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On August 6, 2001, deep in the heart of Motown, a fierce and enthralling talent was born. 14 years later, SOFI K has taken the world by storm with a voice and a vision that simply won't be denied.

The cool, sophisticated demeanor SOFI K exudes in photos explodes into a whirlwind of personality once she hits the stage. The world "natural" is so often overused in the music industry, but that describes SOFI K right down to her core – she truly is a natural, and her talent and innate affinity for music bubbles over at every turn. Her style, both on and off stage, is similarly complex and undoubtedly spellbinding; the buttery tone of SOFI K's vocals fills each song with a richness and warmth that supports the emotion behind the lyrics rather than obscuring it.

SOFI K is able to take inspiration from legendary musicians and contemporary performers alike and morph it all into something new. A current of cool, bluesy neo-soul magic from Amy Winehouse; a dash of Duffy's vintage look and sass; the approachability, charm, and pop-star prowess of Megan Trainor – it's all there, but in a way that's uniquely SOFI K.

SOFI K was only 12 and 13 when she recorded her debut album, LoveHate, releasing it just a few months after her 14th birthday. With renowned producer Bryce Harding in her corner and a slew of original material at her fingertips, SOFI K set out to create an album every bit as diverse, exciting, and distinctive as she is herself. The dynamic results are beautifully evident in the album's first single, One Way Ticket, a sort of modern throwback that echoes the brass-and-bass magic of the past while giving us all a glimpse of what SOFI K sees in her musical future.

In 2015, she had the honor of opening up at the Traverse City Film Festival premiere of Amy, the now Oscar-winning documentary about the late pop/blues phenom Amy Winehouse. Recently, SOFI K was named a celebrity ambassador for the Wish Upon a Teen Organization. She has been featured in popular industry publications and television programs nationwide, but even as the accolades and acclaim continue to roll in, SOFI K refuses to sit on her laurels. Instead, she prefers to start working on her next album and continue performing and connecting with the audiences she so loves. Judging by the response of critics and fans alike, that's exactly what the world wants her to do, too.